Meet Your LCF Maintenance Staff

From left to right: Ernest Haynes, Maintenance Technician • Serena Philips, Maintenance Technician • Judy Coleman, Facilities Manager
Gene Harris, Maintenance Technician

These are the people that handle all aspects of repair & maintenance at the properties owned or managed by Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship.

If you have a maintenance problem, please call the maintenance line at 434-528-0737 and leave a message.

All routine repairs must be called into this line so that a work order can be generated and a member of our staff can respond.  Please leave a CLEAR message that contains your full name, Apartment Building & Apartment Number along with your phone number and a brief but clear description of the problem.  Thank You.

In the event of an EMERGENCY, as described below, please call 434-907-8467. This cell phone number is for maintenance emergencies ONLY, including after-business hours emergencies.

Any maintenance issues that arise after business hours that are not an emergency need to be reported to the regular maintenance line (434-528-0737).

Maintenance Emergencies are:

  • Water Leaks (Other than dripping faucets)
  • No Heat (if it is below 55° outside)
  • Broken Windows
  • Refrigerator Inoperable
  • Elevator Not Working
  • Inoperable Entrance Locks
  • All Sewer Back-Ups
  • No Air Conditioning (if above 90° outside)
  • Oven or Stove Inoperable for more than one day
  • Commode Stop-Ups (if no other working commode)
  • Electricity (out when all breakers are in ON position)
  • No Hot Water For More Than One Day

DO NOT report your maintenance issues directly to Maintenance Staff and DO NOT call Office Personnel as they will redirect you to the maintenance number (434-528-0737). Please understand that all issues must be sent to this number so that your work order will be generated.