Board of Directors

Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship (LCF) seeks to serve Lynchburg and surrounding communities through new and innovative ventures, with special emphasis on experimental ministries, giving priority to our mission among groups of persons excluded from the usual opportunities of cultural and economic advancement. We believe in the dignity and infinite value of every person, and in the need for all to understand and help one another.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Daly, President
  • Terrel Cosby, Vice President
  • Joyce Foster, Secretary
  • Will Cardwell, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Tina Barnes
  • Nathan Books, III
  • Howard Butler
  • William Cardwell
  • Terrell Cosby
  • Mike Daly
  • Ron Feinman
  • Joyce Foster
  • Dan Harrison
  • Gary Harvey
  • Coretha Loughridge
  • Wanda Ott
  • Angilee W. White

Executive Directors Emeriti

  • P. G. Cosby, III (deceased)
  • Herbert R. Moore, Jr. (deceased)
  • Irma W. Seiferth  (deceased)
  • Jewell “Susie” Kitchen

Board Members Emeriti

  • Dr. Vivian Camm
  • Elliot S. Schewel (deceased)
  • Stuart Turille (deceased)