Together for Change

Video produced by Irving Stubbs in 1993. Running time: 16:15

This video highlights the many projects of, or begun by, Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship. All of the project were designed to address poverty, education, jobs, homelessness, substance abuse, winter heat, and other issues affecting the poor of the Lynchburg area.

Appearing in this video:

Mike Buhler, President, Board of Directors, New Land Industries
Bev Cosby, Pastor, Church of the Covenant
P. G. Cosby, III, Executive Director Emeritus, Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship
Hal Craddock, President, Lynchburg Area Housing Coalition
Malcolm Douglas, Director, New Land Samaritan Inns
Wayne Farrow, Production Supervisor, New Land Industries
Barbara Holdren, Director, New Land Jobs
Wijnand Jongan, Director, Camp Kum-Ba-Yah
Herb Moore, Executive Director, Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship
Vince Sawyer, President, New Land Samaritan Inns
Irma Seiferth, Associate Director, Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship
Betsy White, Associate Director, New Land Samaritan Inns


Executive Director: Irving Stubbs
Director/Producer: Liz Stubbs
Narrator: Adam Stubbs