Special Thanks to the Following:

$50,000 Grant from the Andrew Horsley Easley and Anne Owen Easley Charitable Trust

It is with much appreciation we thank the Andrew Horsley Easley and Anne Owen Easley Charitable Trust (the Easley Foundation) for the grant to help LCF make the needed repairs to the roof of our management office. In addition to the management office, this property also contains two apartments for lower-income individuals. Since the roof project entails repairing the slate roof, hidden gutters, soffits, fascia, dormers and copper downspouts to preserve our historic building, the generous grant of $50,000 is extremely helpful.

The Easley Foundation has assisted LCF in the past in repairing and preserving some of its other historic buildings in the city. We are grateful to them for their continued support of LCF and its mission to provide safe affordable housing to those in need in the community.

$9,000 Grant from the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

Staff is pleased to share that LCF was awarded a grant from the Bob and Phyllis Workman Fund, the Brock and Edith Barkley Fund, and the Charles F. Stevens Fund. The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation continues to assist LCF with funding for repairs to the roof, hidden gutters, downspouts, and wooden members of its management office. These funds will assist in the preservation of the management office and two affordable apartments located in this historic home in the Garland Hill Historic District. We are extremely appreciative of the favorable decision by the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.

$10,000 Grant from the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

LCF is thankful for the grant award of $10,000 from the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation. This grant is instrumental in assisting LCF continue its repair of our management office roof. The management office includes two apartments with affordable rents for individuals and it is vital to the operation of LCF as it provides affordable housing in the city for elderly, disabled, and families. The project is a huge undertaking and cannot be accomplished without assistance from friends like the Foundation.

$10,000 Grant from the Genworth Foundation

We are extremely grateful to the Genworth Foundation for awarding LCF a grant to assist with the roof repairs of our management office. Due to the size of the project, this $10,000 grant is greatly appreciated.

LCF is also thankful for all of the Genworth employees who volunteer each year at our affordable housing communities during the United Way Day of Caring. After a day of landscape work, the properties always look great. We appreciate all Genworth does to improve and strengthen our city, and we look forward to future partnerships.