History of Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship

Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship (LCF) was formed in 1950. It is a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable and educational corporation, with the purpose of promoting Judeo-Christian fellowship, and extending religious faith, witness, and action on a non-denominational, ecumenical basis for persons of all age levels. It seeks to provide a channel for cooperative programs of community service and uplift, to establish task forces working for constructive social change, and to serve as a catalyst to bring together congregations, groups, and individuals in shared and common undertakings that will transcend the usual and stubborn barriers of social and economic class, race, and prejudice.

Many of the programs in which LCF was engaged through the years were centered at the old Kum-Ba-Yah Ecumenical Center. Thirty congregations of nine denominations and faiths joined in sponsorship of pre-school children’s groups, share programs for children of all ages on a one-to-one friendship basis, classes in home-making skills, sewing, cooking, personal development; arts and crafts, music, drama, scouting, recreation, and many other cultural experiences. Other programs included counseling with delinquent and pre-delinquent youths, seminars and workshops in the study of urban problems and poverty, special interest dialogue groups, work parties for renovation of deteriorating inner-city properties, an advocacy program for families, an emergency wood program, an after-school program for children, and a summer day camp program where more than 300 children of various economic levels were brought together in an enriching experience of sharing, learning, friendship, and fun.

Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship is governed and directed by a self-perpetuating board of 20 dedicated persons from a wide cross-section of the community’s life. The organization is dependent for financial support on voluntary gifts of individuals, foundations, denominational bodies, congregations, businesses, industries, and other groups. We believe that public and private sectors working together can make a tremendous difference in our community and beyond.